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by - Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Thursday! This has been a whirlwind week for me. You may or may not have noticed that I've been unplugging a bit, but for a few good reasons. The past few days I had my wonderful sister Kat over helping me get my home organized. We literally went through every room and de-cluttered. There is nothing quite like the feeling of parting with old goods that no longer serve a purpose in my life. YAY, it's great! Also, prior to my sister's arrival -- I decided it was a good idea to trim our willow tree. I gave it a nice little hair cut! Little did I know that I would get bit by some unknown bug (think it was a carpenter ant) and that I would be allergic to it. After taking some meds and getting the swelling in my finger to go down after a good 12 hours or so, things were back to normal. Crazy! I've been sporting a super cool Lightning McQueen bandaid so I should be quite content!

Here are some things I've come across lately that I loved:

-- This photo:

-- Some adorable free desktop wallpapers from Design Love Fest.

-- See Tara cut off her dreads and shave her head. Read more about the experience behind the process here. I loved some key points she made in this post!

-- This FREE e-course  by Tara of The Organic Sister on how to stop just surviving and start thriving! Can't wait to get the e-mails for it!

-- Find out which OLYMPIC Athlete you have the exact same height/weight as by going here. I was a male trampoline jumper and women's hockey player.

-- This would be lovely in my backyard:

-- Look at these HAPPY Messes, I would agree that these are messes that I wouldn't complain about either. CUTE!

-- This page has some great resources for de-cluttering and having a more minimalistic life. Some great links!

That's all for now folks!

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  1. That first shot is just sooooo sweet! I only hope that my husband and I will be together that long :o) Love that little outside house too; want it!!!

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