Guest Post: Rachel from La la lists

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So (for me at least) it is almost that time again… time to buy notebooks, sharpen pencils, pack backpacks, or in my case - shop. Hi guys I am Rachel from lala Lists. (the other) Rachel and I decided to swap post! So while I am here, she is over there! And while I am here, I will be sharing my go back to school outfit (this is legit what I will be wearing - right down to my new Vera Bradley backpack that I bought last week).

Day time
As a bonus I created a board of my dream first weekend outfit! (I am drooling over this illusion neckline)

Night Time

So come stop on by lala and tell me what you would like to wear!

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  1. hmmm... I never thought a Vera Bradley backback could be so cute but I love how you wore it

  2. I'm totally with you - I love skirts too!! You have quite the collection! (I love them all, but those are
    my favs!)



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