Take 5 Tuesday: creative color.

by - Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sometimes, simplicity can brighten up any room. When the simple things involve color, often times it packs a big punch. Here are a few images that made me smile when color is the manipulator. How about you, what do you think of small packages of color?

With Independence Day taking place tomorrow, I wish you and your families a wonderful holiday week! This week I'm taking a break to get a little down time in with my family but I may be popping in again during the latter part of the week.


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  1. The red door frame is calling my name!! Fun!

  2. A fresh pop of colour is the best way to spice up any interior without a big budget!

  3. I loooooove bright colors--as much of them as possible! Brightness equals happiness, in my opinion. :) I am SO not a neutrals girl.

    Happy holiday week!

  4. I love #4! My bed is pretty low to the ground and sometimes I feel like it's too low, but then I see pictures like that which make me think I just need more color in room!

    1. A bed low to the ground just gives you more wall space in my opinion. I love the grandeur of the tall ceilings in the photo (#4) but the simplicity of the space. All of the details just pull it together perfectly!

  5. Whoa my gosh. I LOVE that bright orange door! Just another thing to add to my Pinterest page :) I am with Claire, I am so NOT a neutrals girl!


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