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by - Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello Swell & Stylish readers, my name is Bekuh and I blog over at Secondhand Sundays. As a newlywed living in the south with my husband and pup I'm discovering for the first time the importance of routine, and easy to assemble outfits that look good in a pinch. In all this heat it's important for a girl to have her summer essentials within easy grasp. Today I'm going to share with you my 10 southern summer essentials. Ready, set go...

1. A floppy hat like this one. Sunscreen just isn't enough when it's hot enough outside to melt your face off, extra protection is necessary.
2.light cotton dress, bonus if it's gingham or floral. The key word here is light, no heavy knits south of the Mason Dixon between April and October.
3. Pretty sunnies, because your eyes should be protected and stylish too. I'm obsessed with the entire Tumbleweed's collection.
4.catch all bag that can double as a purse. I just love anything with that kind of versatility. Great for picnics, BBQs, fireworks, and a boat ride.
5. A camera to snap all your favorite memories with. I'm madly in love with my fuji instax mini!
6. Lip balm. I love the CO Bigelow's Rose Salve, and use it on dry patches as well as my lips.
7. Dainty accessories. It's too hot for a statement piece, so something sweet, and/or vintage is perfect. Just like this daisy ring.
8. Fresh fruit in pretty containers! I eat a watermelon a week in the summer, and probably a carton of berries every couple of days.
9.picnic basic. Find yourself a big old oak and lay out your favorite quilt, because the heat's not leaving until late September so you may as well enjoy it.
10. Open-toed shoes. I really like my wooden clogs because they're ultra comfortable, cute, and go with anything. I highly recommend a pair.

Well there you have it, 10 southern summer essentials for every woman. Now you can be as pretty as a peach, and cool as a cucumber on those hot summer night. 
big kiss, bekuh
 Thanks Bekuh! I'm really loving the sunnies and the mini camera! I adore Rose salve and I love my clogs too. :) I'm so happy to have you here today, thanks again!

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