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by - Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today we're welcoming the lovely Emily from Celebrating the Day! Emily came up with a list of 10 Summer Essentials!

Here is what she insists upon:

1. Big Sunglasses - I need sunglasses when I am outside until it is absolutely nighttime. I have unusually sensitive eyes, and I use that to justify a very large sunglasses collection. I prefer the big ones, because I also have an unusually large head, and I tend to think covering a lot of it helps make it look more proportional.
2. Chemical-free Sunscreen - Speaking of protecting myself from the sun, I have a habit of lathering myself in sunscreen every single day, even when I am not spending most of it outdoors. The sun is so harsh here in Texas, and my Dutch skin burns instantly. I also don't want to be all wrinkly when I am older, so I rock the pale look most of the year. I try to choose sunscreens, like Burt's Bees, that don't have the harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone. 
3. Flip-flops - A really good pair. You can get super cheap ones at many places, such as Old Navy, but my favorite pair is by Jeffrey Campbell. They have glitter bows on them and are super comfortable. They were a little pricey, but it was so worth it, because I wear them constantly. I can wear them with absolutely anything, and even after months of almost constant wear, they are still in perfect condition.
4. Bathing suit - I have a nice little collection of fun swimsuits, but I think it's important to have a really basic, simple one. I have this one from Target, and I really love it. Pick one that you are comfortable in and that is nice and secure for all those diving board tricks.
5.  Nalgene - Having some type of water bottle for the summer is important, but my favorite one is my BPA free nalgene. This thing has been to different countries, different states, and dropped down big hills. It's a tough cookie. The summer's here in Texas are brutal, and this thing helps keep me hydrated.
6. Summer Tunes - I like mix CD's a lot (I am currently in a "CD of the month" swap with some friends, and I love hearing new songs!). Right now I am focusing all my listening energy on Aerosmith, because I am seeing them in concert this weekend. Any pump-you-up songs are appropriate for summer, in my opinion.
7. Summer Dress(es) - I pretty much only wear dresses year-round. Light-weight and sleeveless dresses are really important in the summer, because they keep you nice and cool. Plus you can add a light-weight cardigan if you want to dress it up in the evening. Dresses are super comfortable and so easy to throw on in the morning. I kind of love everything about them (especially this one from Madewell).
8. Tickets - Plane tickets, concert tickets, amusement park tickets. Whatever kind of ticket you choose, make sure you do something fun and unique in the summer!
9. Big Bag - I have one very similar to this one from H&M. It is so easy to throw all my summer essentials in it, because it has so much room. Mine is wicker, which makes it easy to pin different flowers onto it to change it up a bit. I take it on road trips, to the beach, and around town.
10. Bulky Rings - I am really into rock jewelry right now. I like the chunkiness of it, and I feel like I am obligated to own a lot of it since I am married to a geologist. They are fun and can add some attitude to your ensemble.
Thanks Emily! I'm digging ALL of it! I actually had that madewell dress and nalgene bottle on a post I was working on but axed at the last minute. How funny! Great minds think alike? 

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  1. Another great collection of favorite things! The glittery flip flops and rock ring are my favorites!

  2. I just bought a basic black swimsuit and it's amazing! I love the flip-flops on this list, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello!


  3. That ring is gorgeous! I have a necklace made out of blue rock that's kind of similar and I love it.

  4. while i don't mind the minnesota humidity, i am loving the weather here the last few days and all i want to do is be outside in a sundress and big sunglasses!


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