Take 5 Tuesday: tune into these.

by - Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I've been lusting after the boho/cowgirl/hippie look lately SO much. I think that I must have this embedded in me and it's seriously wanting to come out. My sister and I used to come home from school and watch CMT for hours when we were young. All of my finds are reminiscent of my country side and they are my new must haves for summer and for life. So, if you're feeling it... you should have them too! Also, if you love country music or Miranda Lambert -- you'll love the album.

Your to buy list:
First up is the lipstick, go here. The color is amazing and will look good on most skin tones. It's bright but so classy! Next is the adorable top by Poor Pitiful Pearl, it's a one of kind item so you better click here quick before it's gone. If it is, click through and see their other fabulous items -- I'm addicted and you will be too! To the hair, you know those bad hair days when you don't want to do your hair? Well, good or bad -- this little number will make you fab. Onto the feet, Minnetonka Moccasins have been around for awhile and have timeless style. Hook yourself up with these and you'll wear them out everywhere, I promise. Lastly, if my words weren't music to your ears then this amazing album definitely will be.

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  1. Cool boots! I've been country all my life and love Miranda.

  2. @Teresa, Country is good! .. and Miranda, I've always been a fan! :)

  3. I'm a girly girl all the way but I can listen to some bad country music at times. Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift. I can rock out to them no problem!

  4. @Maddie, I knew you could get down with country! :) LOVE!


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