Are you feeding it?

by - Wednesday, June 06, 2012

So, are you feeding it? You are probably asking yourself, what the heck is this girl asking me? I know it's a silly way to put things.. my serious question to you is this, "Are you fueling yourself to pursue something you're passionate about?" I've known for a long time that a persons happiness really depends on whether or not they're doing something in their life that they're passionate about. When you weave the fashion of your life into your passion of your life, you should have a happy life. Agree? I know I'm guilty of not always being happy with where I'm at in my life and lately I've really started to think more about it. What am I really doing about it?

I've come up with this little quote below, feel free to take it, save it and print it off or share it.  If anything, it will be a little reminder (which we ALL need sometimes) that will make you think about your life.

If you're already doing things in your life that you're passionate about, can you shed some light or tips to those of us still on the journey wanting to change?

Happy Wednesday friends!
Thanks for being a part of this little space!

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  1. I love your blog - I'm so glad to have discovered it! Since the end of college I have been spending lots of time rediscovering my passions. I've heard that one way to find your true passions as an adult is to think about what you absolutely loved as a kid. Take the time to revisit those things and see if they still thrill you - they most likely will!


  2. I am loving this quote. When I was working, I too struggled with being happy and feeling fulfilled in my career and life. I think this little break from work I'm on right now over my son's first year is helping me rediscover my interests and hobbies and reassess what I'd like to do when I break back into the real world.

    For now, spending time with my son, documenting my happenings on my blog, meeting other mommies and bloggers and involving myself in community charitable work is time-consuming but very fulfilling.

    Good luck, Rachel!

  3. @Amberly, You're exactly right! I think a lot of the things I loved as a kid I still do. The part of doing more with it is what I'm needing to do. Thanks for your comment!

    @Dana, I think it's so good that you're staying home with little Jacob. I too need to start rediscovering what really ignites me. I think I often get side-tracked from having too much going on at once. I think lists should really be my new best friend. :)

  4. i love your quote you made up! wish i were a genius to have others quote me :) love your blog! just came across it

    andrea brionne

  5. @Andrea, Thank you for finding me! I don't know if anyone is quoting me, lol! :) I'll be sure to stop over and say hi!

  6. What a cute saying and great post! Heh, I'm passionate about blogging and taking photos, both of which aren't enough to pay the mortgage and put food on the table! But I need to do them like I need to brush my teeth and shower. I do have to remind myself to do the other things I like to do like baking and arts & crafts. Thank goodness I have other bloggers to help me out with those two things! -Jessica



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