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by - Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello dearest readers! You may or may not have noticed my posts haven't been happening as much. I've been focusing my time and energy on my little family and I've lacked a bit of energy/patience to put myself down by the computer and focus. I apologize for that. I'm hoping things will be back to 'normal' around here very soon. On the upside -- I've had plenty of energy to ride around my new bike that I proudly named Addie. Addie is short for Admiral, you like? My Mom bought me Addie a few weeks ago and gave her to me for an early Mother's day gift. One of the best gifts I've ever received!
Last weekend was mother's day weekend! My husband and I spent Friday night together while our little one was with his Grammy and Grandpa. We went out for pizza and spent some quality time together. On Saturday, I went to work with my hubs and then we ventured on a 2 hour drive up to Duluth. Oh boy you know how I love Duluth!! We cruised up the north shore and spent some time walking on the beach and then we headed out to a restaurant I've been wanting to try for the longest time, At Sarah's table/Chester Creek Cafe. Yes, the restaurant has two names. We ordered some delicious food and even had dessert! After dinner we decided that we missed our little boy and didn't feel like renting a hotel room so we ventured another hour west to our family cabin where Grammy and Grandpa were with our sweet baby. He was fast asleep when we arrived and we were able to hop in bed with him and give him a big surprise when he awoke in the morning. Sunday morning he awoke and he gave us a sweet little grin and was real happy we were there.
That about rounds out the last week or so over here. I hope all the mom's, grandma's and people that know mom's had a wonderful weekend. I think I might have convinced my husband that sometime in our life we will live in Duluth. Here's to hoping and wishing!

Have a great week!

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  1. Oh don't worry about not blogging. I've been the same way lately. I think it's the summer-time and easy-going atmosphere that's hitting us. Glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Although I don't know where Duluth is!

  2. Sounds wonderful. Wish we had some grandparents nearby

  3. Sarah, I love your blog, and I believe I discovered it a few days ago from another blog, one which I can't remember! Thank you for stopping by and commenting and following! Love the bike, and looks like you had a great time Mother's Day weekend, as you should have. I enjoy the outdoors, biking, and the beach as well, but I have yet to find a name for my bike! (I do have one for my car though.) -Jessica



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