Speed dating -- Blogger version.

by - Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've realized it's a little therapeutic for me to share some information about me and a little tough to know what I should be keeping to myself. In any case, I hope you feel like you know me a little better. FYI, this is not actual speed dating -- it's only fun to get to know your favorite bloggers a bit more. ;) You might want to start here first, then proceed below.

Here are a few things about me:

I love to shop. I used to buy lots of things because they were on sale or clearanced out. I have since stopped doing this because I acquired way too much junk and it was just a bad habit to be in. I do however love me a good deal!

I don't ever finish a book. I have lots of books but I don't read them. I only skim through them and never read from start to finish unless I'm reading my son a Dr. Seuss book. Those are a piece of cake!


I've was born and raised in Minnesota. I've never lived anywhere outside of this state. I know, it's a little depressing. I've travelled to almost all 50 states so I do know what is out there. If I could live anywhere in the U.S. for a year it'd be Charleston, SC/ San Diego, CA/ Austin, TX/ Seattle, WA/, Phoenix/AZ, Palm Springs/CA or  Portland, OR.

I'm in love with coffee. Since the bottled frappuccino came out in 1997 or whenever it did, I've been drinking it. ( I was a teen) I've been drinking coffee any chance I get. Lately, I've been drinking more tea because I don't like all the calories that my favorite coffee drinks carry along with them.

Vintage coffee*

I once went deer hunting.  This also means I know how to use a gun. .. and that one time I went deer hunting, I shot two deer with a total of three shots. I think I have good aim? I was 16 at the time and I wanted to prove to myself, my grandpa and my cousins that I could do it. I gave my Dad the catch and he really appreciated my efforts. I thank him for doing all the dirty work after. That was my first and last time deer hunting.

I like to dream. I day dream a lot and sometimes I think my dreams could be reality. I think it's good to have dreams otherwise you have nothing to strive for!

Coming back Flickr*

I have issues with trusting others. I only have a few good friends because of this and I've known them for a good 15-20 years. It does bother me sometimes because I wish I could let others in a little easier. I'm getting better slowly! :)

I don't like telling people my age. I can totally relate to those oldies staying 29 forever. I think I may too.

I'm a vintage lover. If you didn't know that already, I am. I love vintage furniture, clothing, packaging .. you name it!


I went to school for interior design. While I haven't worked in the field besides a little home staging, I've always loved interior design. I subscribed to Architectural Digest before I was even 10 years old. I loved looking at the different homes and amazing spaces.

I've been married to my first and only husband for almost 8 years. (July 23rd) We've been together for close to 10.5 years.

vintage love {Explored}

I'm a B.S.'er at times. I like to chit chat with random people. My husband tells me I'm a little B.S.'er. I don't tell B.S. stories but I like to chat.

I had a rough pregnancy with my son. I had contractions from 25 weeks on. I had morning sickness throughout most of the pregnancy and towards the end I developed pre-eclampsia. I was induced at 38 weeks exactly.
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  1. My hubby loves San Diego and we both would love living there for a year. I think being able to go to the beach daily would be an incredible experience, especially fun for our kids.

  2. @Vang, San Diego is beautiful! Sunny and 70 degrees year round -- so they say! How fun would the beach everyday be??

    1. No it's true, I'm born and raised in San Diego. We go to the beach for Christmas.

  3. i have trust issues, too, but i do like having a few really GREAT friends :) lovely blog! love all of the yellow. found you via the link up xo

  4. Wow. Enjoyed getting to know you more. You'll find that calling. Don't give up on dreams from your past...maybe even interior design. :) Oh, and I love vintage everything too.

    1. Thanks Danette, I do have a lot of things I'm passionate about but I have too many. I've worked on narrowing down the things in my life that I give attention to and it's helped me tremendously. You would think the natural thing to do would be to get into the interior design field and design however, I don't think that's my path. This blog has helped me so much with my creative energy and I hope to stay somewhat in the design field but not necessarily be an interior designer. :)


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