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by - Friday, May 18, 2012

First off, Happy Friday! Lately, I've lacked a bit of inspiration. I think we all go through times like this. Typically my brain is going on the craziest rollercoaster you'll find at six flags but lately it's calmed down a bit. I have to say that I'm okay with that. Sometimes I'll have super random conversations with whoever because I've been thinking about something in my head for so long and then I'll blurt out something that I was thinking about as if the person and I were having a conversation about it. Weird? Yeah, I know. This is something that I've been known to do. That is me and I'll take responsibility for it.

Here are some things that have inspired me this week or that have made me say, "Oh - how cool."
  • Rebecca over at Manzanita did this tutorial on spray bleaching a t-shirt. I would love to try something like this!
  • Prairie Underground released their Summer 2012 Collection. Their clothes are gorgeous each season! (Made me say, Coool!)
  • Chassity of Look Linger Love is hosting a I'm not a poser challenge and I'm hoping to join in on the fun before May 31st! (you should too!)
  • I discovered Callie of Call Me Cal and I'm digging her blog, I feel like we have similar interests.
  • Jonathan Adler is pairing up with Kohler to unveil a new sink collection. I was had at JA sinks in the same sentence!

  • Neon & pastel washi tape = love.

  • And does this recipe from The Vegan Stoner not look super delicious? I need to make it this weekend!

I'm hoping this weekend you also will try something new or find inspiration from somewhere you didn't expect. Have a great weekend!

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