Have you heard? Homemint!

by - Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm not sure if I've been living in a hole the past few weeks but today I just discovered HomeMint. You know like StyleMint, JewelMint, ShoeMint and BeautyMint that are curated and run by big name celebrities? Well my first shocker was that oh my goodness there is a HomeMint now!! The second shocker was OMG, it's Justin Timberlake as the celebrity curator along with interior designer Estee Stanley! I'm a fan of him, I like his music and I think he's a great actor and of course I had to check out his designer skills. (I love him especially on SNL)

Have a look at the story behind HomeMint:

So all you need to do is sign in and complete a style profile and then.. they'll show your top matches based on your profile.

Here is what came up for my top choices based on my profile:

The questions for the style profile are really just clicking through images to see what you resonate with more or less. Although I don't love all of the items chosen for me, I think it's a fun way to see how they pair you up with  different items based on what you like in images. I'm so varied in my design style that I don't think images would give me the items I like because I like so many different periods. How do you pair William Morris with mid-century modern?

Check them out, because who doesn't like the idea of Justin Timberlake curating home decor goods?


(All images credited to HomeMint)

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  1. I've always been embarrassed to admit that I like Justin Timberlake but I do! His music is really good - especially his Sexy Back album. Glad someone shares my liking for him. I will surely check him out!

  2. @Maddie, that is so funny! I wasn't so into him back in the N'Sync days but when he went solo and started acting -- I started to like him. Glad you like him too! :)

  3. I kind of love this idea! Can't wait to check it out. And I especially love JT on SNL. "Give it on up to Homelessville..."

  4. Hi there! I just discovered this too! Who would've thought that Timberlake would be selling Home Decor? Love! Anyway, just visiting from the Spring Fling from The SITS girls....:-)


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