Business feature: Semihandmade.

by - Friday, May 04, 2012

I recently heard about Semihandmade and loved what they're offering to the design aficionado's of the world. If you love the idea of having something custom or handmade, then you're going to really dig this company! Oh, and you also have to love IKEA!

Meet John and his company, Semihandmade.

Semihandmade from Semihandmade on Vimeo.

As you can see if you've taken a few moments to watch the video -- Semihandmade helps you dress up your IKEA purchased kitchen cabinets and gives you an alternative to the door and leg options directly from IKEA. They've gotten even more creative recently by adding a REDO category to their brood. You can purchase a cabinet from IKEA and then head over to Semihandmade for some styling doors and unique legs. Your cabinet can now go anywhere you'd like and isn't secluded to your kitchen. Nightstand anyone? Linen closet? You name it, they'll help set you apart with your IKEA purchased cabinet bases.
*They're not affiliated with IKEA but strictly work with only IKEA cabinetry.*

Have a look at the product:

What a cool way to customize everyday IKEA into some extraordinary! Get in touch with John and the team over at Semihandmade for your next project!

You can find them at their website, Semihandmade 
and over on facebook or twitter.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. I heard about that a while ago by clicking through a Pinterest post. Such a neat concept!


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