April: My life in photos.

by - Wednesday, May 02, 2012

If you've been following me over on instagram lately, you'll see that this month I've been lacking big time. I apologize if you were anxiously awaiting my April photo a day pictures. April just wasn't my month for the photo a day challenge and because of that 'committment like feel' I don't really want to do the photo a day challenges anymore. Well, at least for now. I like taking photos of whatever I want and don't want to take all of the challenge photos plus my own. That equals a lot of pictures and my phone and I both don't like it. A girl can complain a little, right?

Here are some photos from my month including a few that were prompted by Fat Mum Slim.

my reflection.


Train lover.

Couscous with sriracha is one of my faves.

Tiny seahorse.

Back in the day -- Bill, Kate and I (front).

Vegan chocolate chip coconut cookies.

A new chip that we love.

We like to hike.

iphone artwork by my little sweetie.

banana bread.

M.A.C. period.

My son is obsessed with washing his hands all alone these days.

A few embellished sticks by me.

A new challenge that I've hopped on board with for the month of May is called 'Pin a day in May.' I'll be pinning each day over on Pinterest, so feel free to stop on over and check out my pins!

Happy May day to each of my fabulous friends! (you)


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  1. Couscous with sriracha? I never would have thought of that! I'll have to try. The embellished sticks are very cool looking!

  2. Such cute pics! Love the iPhone artwork...and couscous...YUM :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Can I come live with you? Your months seems way more fun than mine!

  4. @Vang, I know I'm strange but I like to add a bunch of different spices like fresh basil, garlic, salt , pepper and chili pepper flakes. It's delish.

    @Annie, Thank you! :)

  5. @Maddie - Yes you can! :) I'm so glad you think my life looks like fun, a lot of the time I feel a little boring. If you ever want to come visit, open door policy - seriously!


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