What I bought.

by - Thursday, April 05, 2012

Okay friends, today I will not be sharing a thrifting adventure. The following things are my finds from Target and of course around $10. The bin comes in many different pattens including polka dots and chevron in multiple colors. That lip balm is great and it's super fitting as it's shaped like a ball. My son thinks it is a ball and likes to throw it. See it's doubling as a multi use little gadget.

Eos Summer Fruit Organic Lip Balm $3.14
small bin to use for storage. $6.99.
I love finding things for under $10, I think it's the magic number. Have you made any purchases lately that you felt good about?

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  1. I have those polka dot bins for storage in my daughters room. My biggest score this week was random Missoni storage bin that I found at my local Target. For $0.66. Heck yeah!!


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