Latest Scouting: Stillwater, Minnesota.

by - Friday, April 27, 2012

There is something I love about the St. Croix River. Some of the most beautiful cities are perched up on the banks of it and call it home. Without it, I know that the cities would not be what they are today. I am sharing with you today what is known as the birthplace of Minnesota. My family and I visited Stillwater last week for a mini day trip to take in some of its beauty.

Here is our time through photos:

Beautiful place isn't it?  For ideas on places to see and things to do, visit Discover Stillwater. Although our time was very short here because of  a little crazy three year old, we were able to take in enough of it. Whether you're interested in visiting a park, spending some time on the river in a gondola or looking to do some shopping and snacking -- Stillwater will be there for you on all accounts!

Take a mini tour of downtown Stillwater:

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  1. I've only been to this area once, you make me want to visit again! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. What a beautiful place, I've never been to Minnesota and after these pictures am seriously thinking I need to arrange one. I love your blog btw, your blog design alone is gorgeous! Stillwater makes me think of the movie 'Almost Famous' too.


  3. omg, I <3 Stillwater. I was just telling my hubs at breakfast this morning that Stillwater is on my list for places to go for the summer (it is just 45 min away for me).

    You captured it really well!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    @MaryBeth, I LOVE Stillwater too. We didn't have a ton of time to spend there (was storming and the patience of a 3 year old isn't much) but I am planning to go back again. I love meeting other people from Minnesota! :)

  5. it looks like you had an amazing time! it is so beautiful there!


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