Happy Friday!

by - Friday, April 13, 2012

The end of the week is here and I would be lying if I said that I wasn't excited about that. So many changes have been happening around here! The biggest one is that my son is no longer going to daycare for a few reasons and he is now popping in a few days a week somewhere else. That means, him and I get to spend the whole day together for 3 days each week and I get to give him all of my attention. I am really loving it and I think he is too! One thing I'll be working on is balancing mommy-hood and blogging which I think I'll be pretty darn good at since I have him on a tight schedule. (nap time at 1:00 is helping me work wonders!)

Here is what we've been up to:

Have a wonderful weekend, see you back here on Tuesday!

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  1. What a nice treat for both of you to have this time together.

  2. It looks like you guys have been having lots of fun. I know he must be happy getting to spend more time with his mom. :)

  3. Your son is absolutely adorable. So great you get to spend more time with him!

  4. Thanks Teresa, it sure is a treat! :) Mary, he is loving it and so am I. Maddie, thanks so much!

  5. Enjoy your time with your darling little guy. Over the last three and a half months, I have cherished every single day that I get to spend with my little guy. Motherhood is the most incredible job in the world!

  6. Rachel - I also want to let you know that I awarded you with a Liebster Award because I love my daily dose of Swell & Stylish! Visit my blog post for more details about paying it forward to other blogs you love:



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