Business Feature: Loll Designs.

by - Friday, April 20, 2012

I came across Loll Designs not too long ago and just adored their design aesthetic. After doing a little more looking I found that they were based out of one of my favorite cities in Minnesota that happens to be Duluth. Remember my Duluth scouting? Loll Designs was founded in 2003 by CEO Greg Benson. One thing I really appreciate is the use of recycled materials to create these no maintenance modern outdoor pieces of furniture. I'm digging the fabulous color selection too!

Take a look into Loll Designs:

What a nice video! I think my backyard would like to see some Loll Designs pieces because can't we all agree that it would make any space a little more fabulous? Which are your favorite pieces? Hop on over to Loll Designs for any of the pieces shown above plus so much more!

Photo credits: Loll Designs

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  1. Oh that fire pit looks like it would make one fabulous Saturday evening. Doesn't' cooking smokes sound so so good right now?

  2. following from the blog hop! love the blue bench :)


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