Weekend Recap: Mini road trip.

by - Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh my goodness, I'm back from an approximately 1200 mile road trip that spanned over the course of 3 days. Yes, only three days and did I mention I had my 3 year old son in tow? Well, maybe it's not a big deal to you but for me, it is. This was the longest trip to date with my son and without my husband. We actually followed my sister down to her new home and stayed one night and left the next evening toward home. I'm proud to say my little Charleston did wonderful and we made it back safely after purchasing this little gadget. (which I highly recommend)

Here are a few photos from our trip that will be followed by a post later this week.

I've realized how much I love road trips and how truly therapeutic they are. You have nothing but time on your hands and many times just plain quiet. I loved listening to some of my favorite music while my little dude was sleeping and scanning through local radio stations. I had a great time and have a feeling another trip is in order. Hopefully you had a great weekend as well!

On a completely different note, I would like to wish my good friend Chelsea a very HAPPY birthday today! I don't think she reads my blog however, Chelsea if you're reading this... You are such a great friend and one of the coolest ladies I know! XOXO!

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  1. Oh St. Louis, you will always have a special place in my heart.. *tear*


  2. @Becky, St.Louis was great! You must have been a resident at one time?


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