Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ooh la la, Spring is here.

It is officially Spring as of yesterday! Happy day to you! In honor of Spring, I was asked to be a part of this heArt of mine's annual Spring Fling. Today, you can find me over there sharing 10 Things you need for Spring! (In the wardrobe department) Stop on over to the site here.

photo credit: swell and stylish.
Before you leave..
I would like to introduce you to this new button on the home page titled 'ooh la la'. This is where I'll share haute products and other miscellaneous things. (Similar to this post today) What is haute? According to it is high-class or high-toned; and fancy. Don't we love all of that?

 Happy Wednesday!


  1. Really great blog! And yes... Haute is good :)

  2. @sip-n-wear, thanks dear!!

  3. Hello, Swell and Stylish
    I am your 33 folower, because your blog is cool and the number too!!
    Baci, Fancy Eva from Fancy Windows


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