Musical talent feature: Bryson Wommack.

by - Friday, March 09, 2012

Today I'm happy to share with you Bryson Wommack!
A sharp R&B singer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been in the music scene for quite a few years and is the next thing to be had in his genre (trust me). Watch out R. Kelly and Brian McKnight. He is as sweet as his music and so down to earth - ladies..! I was fortunate enough to share him as we're pseudo-related. I promise, knowing him does not make me push his music.. it's that good! I love to hear others stories on how they got where they are today and I think Bryson is still in the process of making his story. I believe the best is yet to come! Take a listen to his music and you'll be pressing play again and again.
Meet Bryson:
Photo credit: Gregory Marrufo

Here are a few of his songs: (Click on song title to listen & download)
   1. Goin Home With Me  2. Take It Slow

Coming out of the Midwest, Bryson began to make his presence known in the local music community in Minneapolis, MN, with his own unique style of writing and singing. His journey started in high school when he began to drift towards friends and classmates who were singing and dancing. Being amazed by this different form of expression, he started to get involved with the performing arts. Growing up, Bryson's parents introduced him to many different genres of music and forms or art. With a broad range of musical appreciation, it was the old school classics that got him hooked. Artists such as:  The Temptations, Steve Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and most of all Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. As Bryson grew older, he realized that his imagination would be strengthened by music, more so just story telling. He began to write songs and lyrics to other artist's instrumentals and over their own songs. This was a way to sharpen his skills as a writer. He believes that is the best way for a writer to practice their craft; "Take something good or great, and try to make it your own by attempting to make something better". This phrase alone helped him to create his own individual style of creation and expression.

Entering his teenage years he had the opportunity to pair up with a few local high school classmates and created an R&B/writing team named LyriQ. Finally feeling like he was in a perfect position while doing what he loved to do the most- writing and singing, the group's fan base and recognition began to grow. With only self-promotion throughout the Twin Cities LyriQ became a local house hold name. Passing up many local labels and going through ups and downs with bad contracts they began to just go independent and continue to do it by themselves. The group eventually hit a rough patch and did what most groups do in music history, and dismantled; leaving Bryson and fellow group member Gemini at a cross-roads with two options. So they decided to keep the motivation going and start their own writing team as LyriQent. Eventually getting the opportunity to meet with different talented artists and producers on their same mission, they stumbled upon a young man named Envy. They later found out Envy had one of the hottest singles called "Ringtone" and was very heavy into the music industry and music charts with sounds that could not be matched with anyone in the game. Establishing a great friendship and partnership they became a team and created great music together along with the young R&B princess they call Fancy, who also had the #1 single called "Fancy" which aired on MTV's Basketball Housewives. Team LyriQent/PressPlay Inc. became one of the Twin Cities top crews and entertainers performing all over the cities and throwing parties hitting club capacity. With a catalog on the rise, Bryson is working towards a goal that is long overdue....a debut album. His first solo project "Epic/Leo Love" is in the works and is looking to be a hit. Stay tuned and keep your ears to the beat....more to come!!

1. Tell us who you are in 10 words: Just a guy who loves making fun music for everyone!
2. What/who inspires your music? I'm inspired by lyrical content. As a writer, I've learned to appreciate the meaning or words in a song, before the beat or the hook. I will admit though, I love a good dance track here and there, I mean who doesn't?! But, I'm truly inspired by the greats such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Norman Whitfield (Motown Greats), even writers of today like The Dream, Sean Garrett, Brian Cox, Ne-Yo, Robin Thicke, Brian McKnight and The Clutch. As far as what, well I love writing about things I've gone through, experienced or seen in everyday life. I love story telling, and promised to get back to that in the future. My friends and family have even been inspirations but they don't know that. Haha!
3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hmm, in 5 years, I would like to say that I'm doing both working at a dental practice by day and going up on stage at night.

A big thank you to Bryson for sharing his story with me and all of you! I hope you love his music as much as I did. Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

You can also find Bryson on facebook ! 

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