I could sleep here.

by - Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Have you ever looked through a magazine and thought... whoa.... I could totally see this being my bed(room) and I could sleep here tonight and wake up here tomorrow? Well, I did that with these photos below. Maybe it's time for me to update my bedroom and make it more like these.
Turquoise and Green Bedroom eclectic bedroom
eclectic bedroom design by san francisco interior designer Kelly Berg, Arte Styling
Photographer credit: David Tsay - Designer Credit: Carolyn Epsley-Miller
Photographer credit: Joshua McHugh - Designer credit: Bruce Bananto
Photographer credit: Laura Resen - Designer: Patrick Printy
Photographer credit: William Waldron - Designer credit: Eric Hughes
Photographer credit: Victoria Pearson - Designer: Ginger Barber
Photographer credit: Mikkel Vang - Designer Credit: Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi

Don't you just love these? If anything they'll inspire you to add a pop of color into your space or a vase of some fresh sprigs. How do you update your room when you start getting sick of your home decor?

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  1. The top one with the green is my favorite. That headboard is amazing!

  2. Thanks Laurie, I love them all!

  3. Thanks for including my bedroom in your post! Glad to provide some colorful inspiration!


  4. @Kelly, what a beautiful color scheme with great attention to detail! You're welcome! :)


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