Modern day thrift tips.

by - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hi friends! I originally posted this back in February but I figured I'd share it again in case you missed out. If you don't ever plan on thrifting, then today you're in the wrong place. I will be sharing some tips, and in particular my own plan of action when I'm venturing out into thrift world. Feel free to print this handy dandy post off and tape it to your fridge or pop it into your purse the next time you're heading to the gates of your local thrift store.

1. Make a map & list before going.
Map out where you're going and which order you're doing it. Think about what you might need and what you really want to find on this trip. Keep your list and map with you on your adventure at all times so you don't lose sight of it.

2. Wear layers.
When you're in the heat of the moment, you get hot scouring all those racks. Wear a t-shirt with a cardigan and a vest over that. When you're getting too into the thrill of the find, take off a layer.

3. Have a predetermined budget.
Have an idea of what you'd like to spend and stick to your guns. It's also nice to carry cash because sometimes you'll be able to try and haggle a bit. (Read extra tip A below)

4. Bring a friend.
A friend is always nice to have as a shopping companion but especially when thrifting. You can both help each other get the best finds when you have your pre-entry chat and go over your lists. We all know that four eyes can scope out a store better than two.

5. Time limit: Set one!
When you set a time limit you can accomplish so much more than not having one. It will get you thinking a bit more on your feet, do I need this or do I want to pass?

6. Quality -vs- Quantity.
When it comes to the choice of quality vs quantity, I always choose quality. It lasts longer and you get more bang for your buck in the end.

7. See the potential in ALL.
You've heard the saying, don't judge a book by the cover. Well then - try it on, hold it, feel it and imagine it being just right for you. Can you change it to be what you'd really love? Would it be worth it?

8. Look high, look low and DIG!
Make sure to check out the top of the very top shelves, the lowest shelves, dig through the bins, and touch it all. This is where you will find that hidden piece that everyone else have overlooked. Part of the thrill is finding that hidden gem that's been waiting for you to pick it up.

9. Make a trip to your car. (if needed)
Go to the cash wrap and purchase the things you have once you're completely loaded up and bring your goods to your car. If there are still plenty of goodies to buy, this is the best bet. Most places will not hold your things for you at the register because they believe in first come, first serve. So if you love something big, buy it and get it in your car!

10. Fuel up.
We sometimes forget to drink water, or even eat when we're caught up in finding the next great thing. Make sure to get some fuel in your body to keep you going for the long haul.

-Extra Tips-

A.) Haggle. . Yes, a little is OK. If you buy in bulk, they will almost always come down on price. *Keep this in mind for independent non-chain stores. This will not happen at Goodwill and the like.*

B.) Ask Questions, tell them what you're looking for . . bond with them. They're more apt to help you when you strike a connection.

C.) Smile & be nice. People love to deal with friendly faces. When you're smiling at them how can they resist that face.

Phew! Now that we've got all that out of the way, you're ready! Go out and get 'em tiger!

peace, love & coffee,

Photo credits: Swell and Stylish.

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  1. Do you have favorite stores you frequent? Are you willing to share them or are they secret? :)

  2. @Amy, I will be doing a blog post on some great places and how to find them! :) A few of my local favorites are The Family Pathways Thrift stores, Goodwill and Arc's Value Village.

  3. So helpful! I need serious thrifting practice!

  4. Wonderful! Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. And yes, setting a time limit is key, somehow I ALWAYS take too much time thrifting and then get mad at myself afterwards. lol :-)

  5. Awesome tips!!! Gets me in the mood to go thrift cray-cray! :)


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