Latest Scouting - Duluth, Minnesota

by - Friday, February 10, 2012

A city that has been named in the list of America's top 25 coldest cities is the frankly marvelous city of Duluth, Minnesota. My friend Kristin and I headed to visit this place this past Sunday morning through Monday afternoon. We had a blast eating at some fabulous restaurants, scouring some vintage antique stores, thrifting some shops, drinking coffee + tea and trecking all over taking photos!

Duluth is situated on a sloping terrain that sits directly on the shores of Lake Superior. They have many things that take place throughout the year including the Bayfront Blues Festival, The Duluth Music & Maritime Festival, and the Park Point Art Fair to name a few. Unfortunately, we headed there at the wrong time of year for festivals. In any case, Duluth has scenes to be had and places to be year-round.

Here are a few photos from our trip.
View from Then Glensheen Mansion parking lot.

Burrito Union - Amazing food! (vegan, vegetarian friendly)
View from Fitger's Brewing Complex
Fitger's Shopping entrance.
United Colors of Benetton and Sisley store.
Andi's Closet
Shoreline and entrance to harbor.

Retro Collect Antiques
Fathertime Antiques - Lake Avenue
North Shore
New Scenic Cafe - North Shore.
New Scenic Cafe guest book.
The view from inside the New Scenic Cafe.
Lobby of our hotel, The Radisson Duluth.
We ordered take out 'vegan style' from Pizza Luce.
I was able to capture the sun rising over the lift bridge!
Independent and not chain Whole Foods Coop.

Enger Park
Enger Tower overlooks the city.
Skyline Parkway.

Duluth Public Library
Radisson Duluth. The top of this building rotates!
Stone and cobblestone streets.

The lift bridge that leads to Park Point.
The beach on Park Point.

Goodwill Duluth.

Our delicious vegan food from The Duluth Grill.
If you're considering Duluth as a possibility for your next vacation, I would say DO IT! There are so many restaurants, art museums, cinemas, your regular shopping mall, train depot, aquarium and the list goes on. I hope you enjoyed my latest scouting! Feel free to check out my previous post on Taylor's Falls, Minnesota if you need other ideas.

**Update** 07/16/12 To see my latest time in Duluth through photos, click here.

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  1. Duluth is so fun. Been there several times and you found things I hadn't. So much to explore.

  2. YAY! The pics look great! We covered a lot of ground. Ahhh... Duluth. :-)

  3. I love the New Scenic Cafe and Pizza Luce in Duluth has the best brunch! (The PL's in the Cities serve brunch too, which is just as good, but the menu is not as extensive.)

  4. I love Duluth! We are headed there in a few weeks for a little winter getaway with friends! :)

  5. Hi from a fellow classmate from Nicole B.'s alt summit class. I enjoyed your blog.

  6. Thanks ladies! There was seriously delicious food at every place we stopped. (many choices as well for people with allergies) Jessy, if you haven't stopped at some of these places - you should! :)


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