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by - Friday, February 17, 2012

On Monday morning I was able to visit a great little place called Hollyhock Farm Alpacas. Check out my visit below and make sure to read my Q&A with the farm owner, Teresa Kukowski.

Meet the Alpacas:

Teresa spinning Alpaca fiber into yarn:
Then turns it into this:

How amazing, right?

Q&A with Teresa:

Tell us about your farm and what you do: My husband and I have a small farm near Becker, MN where we currently have 7 alpacas. Alpacas are fiber bearing animals in the camel family from South America. Their fiber is very warm, soft and strong! We shear our alpacas once a year and I use the fiber to create a wide range of products. I also purchase raw fiber from another farm that I have spun into yarn. I have raw fiber (unprocessed), roving (processed and ready to spin) and yarn for sale. I have hand spun & dyed yarn and knit items such as hats, mittens, scarves, wrist warmers, baby blankets and booties that I've made myself. I also make felted cat toys, hats, and mittens. I put together kits as well to make needle felted pictures. I have fiber made into woven rugs and stadium seats or placemats too. Besides my online outlets, I have a gift shop in my home too. I also bring my alpaca products to farmer's markets and craft shows.

What inspired you to get involved with alpacas in particular? While my husband and I were engaged, I told him I wanted to raise sheep and spin their wool into yarn and wear what I made. He asked, "Why would you want those dumb animals?" I had raised sheep as a kid and could not argue with that. A few months later a friend told me about alpacas. I didn't even know what they were! I did my research and a few years later, I got the guy and the alpacas!

What interesting facts could you share with us about alpacas that we may not know? 1.The alpha animal in the herd has an alarm call that he or she will sound if there is danger. All the alpacas will then gather together for safety. 2. They have pads on the bottom of their feet like dogs. They have 2 toes per foot with a toenail on the front of each toe. 3.They create and use a community poo pile. 4. They breed sitting down and give birth standing up.

Thanks to Teresa for having me to your adorable farm!

Find Hollyhock Farm Alpacas on the web-
Website, Blog, Online store, Etsy, Pinterest, and Facebook .

See a video of the farm below.

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  1. It was so fun to have you visit and show my little herd to you. Thanks for featuring my farm.

  2. It was fun for me too! Your little herd is adorable! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! They're so cute!

  4. Very interesting and delightful post. The video interview was very well done.


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