Creative hair color.

by - Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's just get this out there  I LOVE Aveda! I first fell in love with them because of the amazing scents they carry in almost all products. Then I fell in love with more and more. I've had the pleasure of getting my hair done for years at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis by students for a great price. Since then, we've moved further away from the city and I've gotten too lazy to drive there. In the meantime, I've found a new Aveda salon about 20 minutes away. The last time I was in, my stylist Megan told me that she'll soon be getting training for their newly reformulated color. I asked her about the new color and she said, "Well, it's really bright colors and pretty much anything you can think of." I've thought of putting some bright colors into my hair for years but decided not to because now I'm a Mom and it might draw some attention. Well, I've decided now that I don't really care. The next time I get my hair done, it's getting colored and it's not going to be one I've ever had before.

Take a look at this video to see how fun it could be!

What do you think? Will you be heading in for some fun too?

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  1. Many years ago, I colored hair. Mine and others. It was my favorite part of being a cosmetologist. Looks like it has been raised to an art form. How fun!


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