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by - Friday, February 03, 2012

I am happy to share with you artist Jenn Romero and her business Unurth. I was immediately connected to her work for the beautiful yet simple concept and the connection to nature. I love how Jenn's intent is to create objects that connect you to a place, a time and a memory. How many of us dream of seashells and sandy beaches?

Her work:

Some of her inspiration and process:

Meet Jenn!

I was fortunate enough to ask Jenn a few questions to learn more about her. You can also find Unurth's website over here ,blog here, Pinterest, facebook and of course twitter.

Below is a Q & A with Jenn.
Q: Who are you and what is your story? A: I am Jenn Romero- a product designer and artist. Like many makers, I have been making things as long as I can remember. I knew early that I wanted to do something creative! I filled sketchbooks as a way to escape and explore my world simultaneously.I know no matter where I end up Ill still be creating.

Q: What inspires your art the most? A: Nature. Period! Although I love the work of many designers and my work is informed by contemporary design and art, my long walks through the hills and the coastline always leave me filled with ideas for new work.  I take a small notebook with me because I will see something- a tree blowing in the wind or a cloud transform and be struck with an idea that I need to share. Unurth was created to bring these moments into our homes- our connection points with nature and memory.

Q: How is your own home decorated? And where do you get inspiration from for your decor? A: My home is an eclectic mix! I have french antiques, ceramics (everywhere), treasured bits from my walks, and favorite objects from my childhood right along side each other. I see objects as containers of ideas. Memory, mood, inspiration.. My home has objects that do all of these.

According to Jenn, Unurth began with a question and a wish.
"What if our lives were filled with beautiful objects that reminded us of our favorite moments in nature
and with each other?"

I love this question! What if, my friends, what if?

(Photo credits: All photos courtesy of Jenn Romero)

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