Outfitted in Ruche.

by - Monday, January 30, 2012

Today I am sharing with you some darling new arrivals over at Ruche. I love how they're one of the best places for modern day vintage inspired women's clothing. You can always count on them to find something cute and unique. I can't decide which shoes I'm digging more, the bright blue or the black & white oxfords. What do you think?
Ruche Outfitted Monday

Ruche Outfitted Monday by swellandstylish featuring a knit beanie hat

Find all your favorites from this set below!
Ruched top

Navy pants
$39 - shopruche.com

Wooden shoes
$60 - shopruche.com

Chelsea Crew mid heels
$60 - shopruche.com

Locket jewelry
$19 - shopruche.com

Knit beanie hat
$27 - shopruche.com

Vintage shades
$22 - shopruche.com

Taupe belt
$12 - shopruche.com

Which one thing do you love most? I love it all, especially the vintage shades and oxfords!

Happy Monday!

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