Dreaming of paperclips.

by - Friday, January 27, 2012

This past week I've been battling a cold, the head congestion and stuffy nose kind of cold. The past 2 nights, I've taken Benadryl to help with the congestion and it has helped. Along with helping, both nights I've had strange dreams. The first night I had a dream about waking up in my car in the middle of an empty parking lot with a note taped to my window from a friend that said they'd be at Barnes & Noble when I woke up. Weird!! ..And last night, I had a dream that I swallowed a paper clip. Don't ask me, but I think these meds are making me have weird dreams. Normally I don't really remember my dreams but these I cannot forget. To pay a little tribute to them, I'm sharing a few pieces of art I came across below.

Found here!
Found here!

For those of you who want to purchase some snazzy paperclips, look no further. Check out these below and go here if you'd like to purchase them!

Lastly, if you have any clues onto why I had my strange dreams... fill me in!
 Happy Friday!

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