Day 8: A few of my faves!

by - Monday, December 12, 2011

Today is the day for my picks! These are things that I love and want and might possibly just need! How often do you make a list of favorites for yourself? Since you will be buying gifts for everyone else on your list, why not make your own list? It doesn't mean you'll get anything on your list, but isn't it fun to make one for the fun of it?  When you put something on paper, it makes it all the more serious and hey-- you just never know what might end up in your prized goods!

Here are some of my favorites -- wishes/wants/needs:

Wish! Found here! $648.00 Caribou Coat by Linda Loudermilk
Want! Found here! $145 Faux Taxidermy Deer by Nicole of BornAnOldSoul
Want! Found here! $178.00 Carapace Wedges by Boutique 9
Need! Found here! $16.50 Houndstooth headband by Gussy Sews
Want! Found here! $49.00 Chevron Shower Curtain by West Elm
Want! Found here! $135.00 Ombre Crew Tee by Marika Charles
Need! Found here! $30.00 Bright Silk knotted necklace - fair trade necklaces made in Cambodia
Need! Found here! $8.00 Zoya Nail Polish - Caitlin
Need! Found here! $14.00 Opaque Pantyhose in Baja by American Apparel
Wish! Found here! $239.00 Fatboy the original in Silver.

Want! Found here! $80.00 Holiday Shimmer Scarf in Gold by Martha McQuade at scarfshop.

How about you? Have you made a little list for favorite things that you might want to add to your collection of goods?

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