Day 6: Health foodie.

by - Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today is for the person who takes good measure to put delicious but very healthful things into their body. They read all labels and double check the ingredients too. They live by the motto, "You are what you eat." This category could also cover those who love farm to table, are vegetarian, vegan or are just all around food conscious. Sit back and let us show you some gift ideas for the health foodie in your life. From things to consume down to the things needed to prepare, take a look.

Photo credit: foodzie

Photo credit: Vitamix
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Photo credit: Solay Wellness Inc.
Photo credit: Abe's Market

Photo credit: Liz Lovely

1. Foodzie Tasting box ($29.99 per month) - Found here. (thoughtfully curated gourmet foods shipped to you per month with large sizes not samples.)
2. Vitamix Turboblend VS $450.00 - Found here. (Great for smoothies, soups, desserts, etc.)
3. Love Bottle 1000 ml Red Swirly Lines $18.00 - Found here. (Reusable glass bottle)
4. Grow your own basil in a bag $8.00- Found here.
5. Celebrate the morning kit $37.00 - Found here. (includes tea, mug, infuser, mint sugar, fig compote and sun-dried quince paste spread)
6. Gluten free Vegan Newbie Sampler by Liz Lovely $18.00 - Found here. (includes German chocolate cake, oatmeal raisin, triple chocolate mint and coconut lemon)

Which one do you want? I'll take them all and won't feel a bit guilty. :)

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