Day 5: Addicted to learning.

by - Friday, December 09, 2011

Today is for the person who is always yearning for more and more knowledge. They never stop with just one thing, they have always have something more on their plate. It could be that person you know that has approximately 5 degrees and still doesn't know which one they'd like to use. Hey, that is ok! This list just might be for you. I keep wanting to say this, so I will. You know you're addicted to learning if . .  you want everything on this list. :) So go on and see.
Photo credit: Russell and Hazel
1. Citron Popsicle Notebook by Russell and Hazel. $10.00. A notebook is always good to have around especially for taking notes. A cute one, will get a little extra attention. You can go here to add this as a stocking stuffer or as a nice little token for your receiver.
Photo credit: Jayson Home
2. For using the delightful little notebook above, your giftee will need a writing utensil. Why not have it be reminiscent of the past with a modern twist? These are vintage inspired modern day ballpoint pens. How can you resist them? Go here to make the purchase.

Photo credit: Amazon/Margaret Lobenstine
3. The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine. For those people who have many interests and cannot narrow them down, this book is for you. For those of you who get bored after awhile of your job and are constantly dreaming of doing something else, this book is for you. Does your daughter or son have a good job and great pay but cannot do it anymore because they hate their job? They need this book. For those people who are a jack of all trades and a master of none, buy this for them! Go here to purchase this lovely book.

Photo credit: Apple

4. iPad 2 by Apple. You can download a gazillion apps, that will get your giftee even more addicted to learning. If they do not have this, they will thank you for a good long time if you decide to spend the $499.99 and purchase it for them.
Photo credit: All Posters

5. Gandhi quote print. $12.99. What a great inspiring quote to give to the learning lover. You can stop on over here to drop this into your basket.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for Day 6: Health Foodie!

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