It's crazy to think that it's been a year since we took our trek across the country and moved everything! I'm still going through boxes and finding things that I forgot I had. One of those things is my bamboo tablet. I pulled it out of a box and started creating fun drawings. I'm practicing and still learning. I thought I'd share with you some sketches I created and if you'd like you can download them and use them too.

To download, click on whichever one you'd like above and it will take you to google docs. Click on file in upper left hand corner, scroll down to download and there you have it!

Enjoy your day!

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Your house is just a building you live in until you stamp your mark on it. It can be hard to know what to do to truly get your personality into your home. It can also seem very daunting with the amount of money that new kitchens, new bathrooms and accessories cost. I'll be sharing with you a few simple things you can do to make your home feel more .. home(y).

You'll be amazed by how much zest flowers can add to a space. Grab a couple of vases out of your loft, or buy some new ones, and look out for flower deals at your local convenience store or farmer's market. You can often pick up a real bargain and while doing that add some color into your home. Flowers always please the nose as well!
Have you ever gone into a room and thought that it just didn't feel right? Perhaps the people that lived in your place before you dictated a certain floor plan that you have been living with since you've moved in. Move the furniture around and get the space how you want it! The functions you have for each space may not be the same as the people that initially set up the room in your house. It's not hard to change a space once you decide that the function is not working for you.

There are lots of retailers online that offer the opportunity to add some vintage style into your rooms. A chair here, a set of shelves there, can make a real difference to the feel and aesthetic of a space. Vintage can really add a touch of class and a major talking point to a room. 
Picking up vintage furniture, from places such as Etsy or Craig's List can really help you add a personal touch to your home. This is particularly important if you are looking at new build properties - because many of these are simply a blank canvas for you to impart your personality into.

Painting your house is probably the first thing you think of when you want to make it more home(y). When painting, you have a great opportunity to think about how you want the room to feel and breathe. Instead of jumping into the first color you see, visit some paint stores so that you can assess and compare lots of different options.

Many people choose to build their room around a single piece of furniture. A superb coffee table, a beautiful bed, or even a stunning mirror, can make a room! Accessories can then be built around this fabulous centerpiece in order to carry the feel throughout the room.

Nothing makes a home feel more frantic than having clutter everywhere. Give your home a good clean and de-clutter all surfaces. You'll be amazed to find how much space you have and how much roomier and fresh everywhere feels. Have a place for everything and put things in their place.

get your own too on etsy!

There is absolutely nothing that makes your home feel more home(y) than having the nearest and dearest featured around it. Rather than just having basic picture frames, why not invest in some that are a bit special? Also, why not hire a professional photographer or even get a family portrait painted by a talented local artist?

There are so many easy tricks to add that personal touch into your space! Your home should always feel good to you and reflect YOU!

Happy Friday and Happy Decorating!

Many thanks to Great Clips for sponsoring today’s post, but my love for supporting teachers is all my own!

As a mama to a 5 year old, the topic of school always pops up in our day to day operations. I've planned to homeschool our son from nearly day 1 and just like most teachers prepping for the school year, so am I. I'm feeling the crunch to prepare for the school season as summer quickly passes by. I've gathered a great collection of resources (I may share that down the road if you'd like) and I've been searching for the best curriculum to fit my son's learning style. I've read tons of reviews, done my research, taken notes, made lists, purchased supplies, etc; and I still feel like there is more that I need to get.

Just like teachers, you feel like you don't have everything you'd like and that there is so much more you'd like to add in. Today I'm happy to partner with Great Clips and their wonderful initiative to help teachers. Currently they're running a #GREATLIST contest as well as an "Adopt A Classroom" donation funding help to teachers in the classroom so they can get what they need. By visiting the -->#GREATLIST page <---, you can watch the classroom makeover video, enter the #GREATLIST contest (for a chance win your supplies list!) and download the online check-in app which will donate to the Adopt-A-Classroom fund! Our list is below -- upload yours too, and then cross your fingers everyone!

As well as these fabulous offers, many Great Clips are offering back-to-school pricing for haircuts! Check out your local Great Clips for more details.

If you have homeschooling tips, school supply tips or any back-to-school tips -- we'd love to hear them!

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There are so many subscription boxes out there however at the top of my list are the ones that cater to specific things. Meet Preggonista, the subscription box specially curated for mama's to-be! This fashionable box is one that you do not want to pass up! It's sassy, fun and affordable.

Want the details? OK! You've got it!
Preggonista is a monthly style box subscription that will cost $55 per month until you cancel or until you reach 37 weeks. Each box will contain a clothing item, accessory and a beauty product all from top brands. You're definitely getting some bang for your buck!

I received a Girl's Night Out box to review and it did not disappoint. As a mama, everything included was something useful! Check it out below!

Included in my Girl's Night Out Style box was an adorable pencil skirt, pink nail polish by Knocked Up Nails and a bangle bracelet that doubles as a teething ring! How clever! The box comes with a delightful note with information on the goodies as well as style tips. Although I'm not expecting, this box is very versatile for mama's as well.

To give this a try for yourself or as a gift, click on banner below!

Happy Tuesday!

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Do you ever overlook the little things in life and focus on the BIG? Lately, I've been really focusing on the little things that bring me a slice of happiness. Here is a brief list of things that have put a smile on my face.

What about you? What would be on your list?

Happy weekend!