Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Try: Healthy at-home hair color by Madison Reed + Natual Beauty Tips

*Thank you to Madison Reed for the opportunity to discover a healthier and convenient alternative to at-home hair color and for sponsoring today's post.*

Check out what is included in their kit: 2 Pairs of Gloves, Shampoo & Conditioner, barrier cream, cleansing wipe plus coloring cream!

For years, I've wanted to try an up-scale do it yourself hair coloring kit that works and is also easy on your hair. I know that coloring at-home sometimes has a stigma and I think that Madison Reed is helping change that. They offer healthy, at-home coloring kits. Not only does their website go through a great virtual consultation to help you choose the right color that is perfect for your hair, they also want to help make your hair coloring experience a good one with the ingredients they pack in their product.

How does ingredients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root sound? More and more companies are now realizing that people do not want chemicals/additives touching them that have been found to harm the body.

Here is a list of things that are NOT in Madison Reed products:
  • NO ppd
  • NO resorcinal 
  • NO ammonia
  • NO added parabens
Do you pay attention to the ingredients in the things you buy? If so, I'd love to hear which ones you avoid or which ingredient you discovered that was most shocking to you?

Here are 3 of my tips to help ease you through the sea of bad products:

  1. Find reputable brands that you can trust! Ask your friends, look at natural stores, etc.

  2. Once you find something that works and that you like, be loyal.

  3. Research the ingredient list, I've found that COSDNA is a great resource to look up ingredients.

Check out this infographic I found via Natural Healthy Concepts --

When it comes to hair coloring kits, Madison Reed knows just what people should expect. I appreciate a company that cares about what I put on my skin. Their kit was easy and fun to use!

My results were just as good as their ingredients! I really just needed a freshen up on my color and that is just what I got. My dark red was fading and the Genova Red brought it back to life. See my before/after below:

What do you think? I'm happy with my results! If you'd like to try them out for half price, Madison Reed is offering my readers a chance to try out their kits at 50% off their first order using code: MRPAMPER

In addition to Madison Reed comments/questions, I'd love to hear about your favorite natural/healthy/non-toxic beauty products in the comment section below.

Thanks again to Madison Reed for sponsoring today's discussion!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Slices of Life

Points for whomever can tell me the type of dragonfly this is!

Colorful murals make the neighborhood a bit more cheery.

The outdoors help you stay grounded.

Peace Parks .... no words... amazing.

Lately, things have been moving at lightning speed. New beginnings, sickened family faraway, unexpected passings and so much growth. Life can be interesting -- taking time for the little things is so important and that is what we've been up to.

Wishing you a happy Thursday!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amazingness of Tea Tree Oil (+ a giveaway!)

Tea tree oil has been a long time staple in our cabinet. When asked by Apothecary Extracts to review their fabulous tea tree oil, I knew I had to share with my readers my personal testimony of this oil. First off, I'm going to tell you that I think everyone should own their very own bottle of tea tree oil. For those of you who would like a little background on the source of tea tree oil and the uses of it, you're in for a real treat today.

Today we know that the oil extracted from the Melaleuca tree, called Melaleuca oil or Tea Tree Oil, serves a multitude of purposes from healing to cleaning and cosmetic treatments to holistic healing. I've always used tea tree oil for clearing blemishes on my skin, as an anti-septic on scrapes or cuts, face cleanser, sore throat soother, and cold ease. It's scent has always intrigued me as well. If you haven't smelled this wondrous scent before, it's a cross between peppermint and patchouli. I find it very calming but also the strength can be intense at times.

Apothecary Extracts has shared with me 53 uses for Tea Tree Oil in their e-book and if you purchase their oil, you get the book free. I'll share with you a recipe below from the fabulous book plus inside the book their are so many more recipes and uses!

Some of my favorite uses  from their e-book or most clever uses are listed below.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Treating Acne
  • Promoting healing of Bumps/Scrapes
  • Healing Scars
  • Repairing Dry Skin
  • Clearing up Dandruff
  • Antiseptic for Staph Infection (external only)
  • Moisturizing Face Wash
  • Body Scrub
  • Deodorant
  • Lip Balm
  • Make your own Shampoo
  • Make your own All purpose cleaner
To make some of the items listed above, you'll need to have a few oils/ingredients on hand. I'm a huge proponent of less is more and with all the above listed bullet points, you can feel better knowing exactly what you're putting on your body.

One easy recipe that most people have the ingredients on hand is the All Purpose Cleaner.

All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

To make this cleaner you will need:

  1. A clean empty spray bottle
  2. 2 Teaspoons of Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
  3. 2 Cups of Distilled Water
  4. 6 Ounces of White Vinegar
  5. 20 drops of lemon oil

Shake well prior to each use. This works great for spot cleaning and as an antibacterial spray.

Are you convinced of the great uses of Tea Tree Oil yet? Want to get your hands on something good?

Enter our giveaway below for a HUGE 4OZ. Bottle of Australian Pure Tea Tree Oil ($24.99 Value)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


*This post is sponsored by Apothecary Extracts, however all opinions shared herein are my own.*

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rugs give hugs

Lately I've been all over the board on my style when it comes to rugs. Let's face it, you want them to be appealing to look at when they're taking up precious real estate on your floor right? OK, agreed. Here are a few that have been giving me the eye!
You got the eye too? Shoot! Well if you insist on learning more, here are the links below.

Rug Details:
1. All you need is love --
2. Randerup -- IKEA
3. Splash No.1 --
4. Anji Mountain Rug -- RugsUSA
5. Vendimia Overdyed Rug -- RugsUSA
6. Cabaret Rug -- ZGallerie

Which rug has given you rug fever?


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Wishlist

There is something so dreamy about Fall weather. Just thinking of it brings thoughts and visions to mind. Here they are in the form of a wish list.

I think dreamy may be an understatement.

Here are the details:
1. Vision Ring -- $198
2. Flannel Shirt -- $89.50
3. Minnetonka Kilty Shoe -- $44.90
4. Voluspa Candle -- $26
5. Fern Beanie -- $13.33
6. Weekender Huipul -- $265
7. Friendship Bracelets -- $8
8. Lone Wolf Beach Blanket -- $89
9. Fairwind Cabin -- call for details.

happy Wednesday to you.


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